• [5 Advantages] of Indoor Cycling and Yoga Classes

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    For people who want to get a dose of exercise, going to the gym isn’t the only solution. Indoor cycling and yoga classes can be excellent alternatives to lifting weights and pacing on the treadmill. Although it has a lower impact on the body, it doesn’t mean that these two activities are less effective.

    Both yoga and indoor cycling Phoenix can burn you up to 600 calories per hour. That’s equivalent to running or swimming on the same timeframe. But if you’re not convinced, here are more advantages to it:

    1. Low impact

    As mentioned earlier, indoor cycling and yoga burn the same calories as other physical exercises. The difference is it also offers a lower impact to the body. That means you will have a lower risk of injuries and less wear and tear of the leg ligaments.

    Yoga, if done right, should be less taxing to the body than other means of stretching. And since it has a low impact, your body will recover faster from the strain.

    2. Excellent cardio

    Do you want to keep your heart rate up? Indoor cycling Phoenix is a good way to do it. For those with unfriendly neighborhoods, indoor cycling is an excellent alternative without compromising the benefits. If you want to mix things up, you can also attend yoga classes in Phoenix. This way, you get to diversify your routines while reaping the most benefits.

    An hour of indoor cycling will help your cardiovascular and respiratory systems to stay healthy.

    yoga classes in Phoenix

    3. Developing rhythm

    Aside from low impact, rhythm is also a key point in avoiding injuries. Indoor cycling is usually done with an instructor who handles a group of students. The same goes for yoga classes in Phoenix. With a leader and fellow students to work with, you get to develop an internal rhythm that transcends to your succeeding activities.

    Rhythm also makes you more comfortable on the bike when attending indoor cycling Phoenix. As for yoga, rhythm is a way to nail asanas.

    4. Challenging but fun

    Some may think that indoor cycling and yoga are boring. But if you’ve tried attending a class before, you’ll realize how challenging and fun it could be. Indoor cycling allows you to exercise with less strain while yoga allows you to rest your mind.

    Aside from exercise, these two activities also boost one’s self-esteem. Traditional gym drills are difficult to stick to plus it crushes your spirit when you reach a progress plateau. But when you attend yoga and indoor biking classes, you will enjoy the next advantage.

    5. Meeting other people

    Unlike exercising on your own, indoor cycling Phoenix and yoga classes in Phoenix allows you to meet other people. You make new friends who will have your back whenever you’re slipping on your fitness goals. Having this support group encourages you to stick to your routine and do better than what you achieve in the last session.

    Yoga and indoor cycling are fun activities that also give your body a big favor. Be it for leisure or to achieve your fitness goals, you surely are on the right track.
    Jan 03, 2019
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