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Be back soon!

While we are grateful that no confirmed cases have been reported at The Madison, the Arcadia area is on the rise. We want to continue doing our part in staying healthy and stopping the spread. 

With that being said, we are temporarily closing for a mini summer vacation, aka a little mental health & safety break.
We love you guys so much. Effective Friday, June 26, 2020. Stay safe + check out our other locations In Tempe and Scottsdale!
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Party on a Bike®

We call our indoor cycling classes a “Party on a Bike®” because our high-energy, mega fun atmosphere will keep you moving, motivating, and coming back for more while TORCHING calories in every 50-minute class. We’re all about entertainment fitness, and our goal is to make you forget you’re working out while you discover new music, push yourself to a new level of powerful, and engage in our one-of-a-kind, Madison community. “Earmuffs” suggested – there may be uncensored lyrics in some of the music.

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Yoga (Phoenix)

Phenomenal Flow with our incredible instructors will challenge you physically and mentally during these active yoga classes. We believe our zen-like studio will help you get your zen on, but we’re about a good time, too. So happy, energetic tunes and teachers with positive messages are a guaranteed part of your experience with us. We added Yoga Sculpt to our already-killer yoga line-up, so if you want yoga with a BOOST, hop into one of this strength-yoga hybrid. Every level is welcome, however, we think a basic workshop will save you some yoga anxiety if you’re totally wet behind the ears! Oh, and if you’re allergic to heat this might not be the class for you.

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Phoenix Yoga Teacher Training

Hang in there aspiring yoga teacher! Aside from our high-octane cycling classes and hot yoga, we also teach and certify instructors. We mix yoga with fun, practical techniques, and our guilty choice of music. Our goal here is not to make you a phenomenal teacher but a cool yogi. Besides, who doesn’t love a goofy instructor when you’re stretching those very tight hamstrings, right?

Our yoga teacher training Phoenix is outlined in contemporary teaching methods and various yoga techniques. We base our lessons on in-depth study and the expertise of our teachers. From East to West, we will get yoga aspects covered.

Here at Madison, we treat yoga teaching as a discipline between practicing and instructing. At the end of the program, you’ll be an energetic, knowledgeable, and seasoned instructor ready to lead your own class.

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Get Results with the Madison Phoenix

Nothing beats seeing results while having fun, right? For three days a week, we kick our pedals and hit our mats. Our sessions are short but sweet but rest assured that you’ll see results in just a matter of weeks. 

Not fond of sweating? Those are your excess fats crying out of your body! Here at Madison, the more challenging it gets, the more effective it becomes. Anyway, we’re tired of boring cycling classes and yoga sessions. This is why we transformed our fitness studios Phoenix into a massive fitness party club! But yes, you need to love grooving because we’re doing a lot of that here.

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Phoenix Yoga Classes

Not a fan of our party bike? If that’s the case, our yoga training Phoenix is the perfect class for you. Our cool yoga teachers will be there to guide you on every stretch. Soon enough, you will be nailing that asana you’d been fantasizing for so long.

We also offer yoga teacher training Phoenix for aspiring mentors!

Just like our cycling classes, we keep our yoga classes fun and very informative. If you’re a newbie, no need to fret. Our amazing teachers are always here to guide you. Besides, our classes are also a community that helps and nurtures everybody.

Our Phoenix yoga studios will be your favorite place once you tried our yoga classes – second favorite will do too.

Interested? Check our Madison improvement club schedule and we will let the party started!

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Why us?

We like to say that we’re the most amazing yoga studios Phoenix Arizona. But to be honest, we only have one goal here: to make workout sessions a fun experience for everyone. If that sounds great to you, then hop it and welcome to our family!

Here are at Madison Phoenix, we promote a nurturing and sustainable environment for all our members. We are brothers and sisters that help each other to achieve our fitness goals.

And most of all, we provide results. Whenever we hit our mats or step our bike’s pedals, we only have one goal in mind: to keep those fats crying out of your body. Each session is short but very safe and rewarding.

Also, we transform our yoga studios into a healing haven. So let all those worries fade and join us in working out and having fun.

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Mon - Thurs: 6 am – 8:31 pm
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