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The Madison Improvement Club

The Madison Scottsdale:

9719 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 
Phone: 480-636-7998

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General Manager: Hailey Reinsch
Program Director: DJ Jackson

Scottsdale indoor cycling studios

Party on a Bike®

Heart thumping bass, renowned DJ’s and mesmerizing lights. Party on a Bike® studio turned nightclub, this high intensity #partyonabike will not only get your heart rate up, but will make you feel like you just spent 50 minutes at the best dance party in town. A state of the art sound system, DJ booth and laser shows that awe are sure to make time fly by. The Tempe studio offers a grab and go Kaleidoscope, full boutique, showers and lockers on the first floor. The second floor features 60 high performance Lemond indoor bikes, DJ booth and lounge. The Madison is sure to change the way you think about working out, come party with us and make happy a habit.
Scottsdale indoor cycling classes

About Scottsdale Studio

Madison Scottsdale is here to bring you the fun of working out. We offer the best indoor cycling classes Scottsdale where we turn the studio into a high-octane party club.

Our best spin classes Scottsdale becomes a spinning party complete with upbeat music and our very cool teachers. Our DJ in the house will ensure that every class is worth looking forward. Just a warning though, earmuffs are welcome if you’re not ready for our taste of music (but trust us, buddy, you’ll love it!).

Every 45-minute ride will make you sweaty, happy, and fun-filled. We hate boring workouts so our fitness spin classes Scottsdale to be enjoyable. You might even forget that you’re exercising!

Just a note: our spin classes are more of a dance party. You should be ready to groove to the music because that’s what our classes are about.

While you spin on your bike, we will play the latest remixes on our playlists. We take pride in our music selection, but suggestions are always welcome.

So the next time your friend, co-worker, or neighbor asks what you do for fun, tell them that you party on a bike. Your glow up will also be the envy of many.
fitness spin classes Scottsdale

Scottsdale Indoor Cycling and Fitness Spin Classes

We level up your typical and boring gym cycling into a heart-thumping activity. We set the lights low, click on your playlist, and start the party.

Our sessions are short and sweet for just 45 minutes. But since you’re enjoying it, you won’t even notice that time is flying.

So if you want to change how you party, join us in our fitness spin classes in Scottsdale. Here, we don’t have caloric cocktails or beers. We have spin bikes, good music, and a lot of fun. Sounds like a better choice, right?

By the time you step into our studio, our teachers will transform into a DJ ready to rock on his or her next party.

Here at Madison, we make happiness and teamwork as habits. There’s no place for negativity here. Just fun, fun, and guess what? More fun.
best indoor cycling classes scottsdale

Schedule a Class at the Madison

We will help you improve stamina, muscle definition, endurance, weight loss, and energy. Aside from giving you a fun routine, we see to it that we also keep track of your improvement.

It’s always our passion to realize the goals of our clients. As experts, we will be your partners in achieving your fitness goals.

Our instructors are seasoned and trained fitness experts. They will be your guide toward achieving a healthier and fit body.

In everything we do, we ensure that we make it fun. We know that weight loss and staying fit isn’t an easy challenge. Keeping our classes fun and unique is the least we can do to ease the stress of everyone who enters our studio.

We know that you hate boring routines and so are we! When we hit the pedals, our goal is to put a smile on your face together with solid change.  At Madison, working out has never been this fun.