Our Roots

You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks you what you do for fun. That’s where The Madison comes in. We’re here to bring together a community of people who value being healthy, fun, and CONNECTED through our award-winning, entertainment fitness classes.

We call our indoor cycling classes a “Party on a Bike®” because our high-energy, mega fun atmosphere will keep you moving, motivating, and coming back for more while TORCHING calories in every 50-minute class. We’re alllllll about entertainment fitness, and our goal is to make you forget you’re working out while you discover new music, push yourself to a new level of powerful, and engage in our one-of-a-kind, Madison community. “Earmuffs” suggested – there may be uncensored lyrics in some of the music.

About Us
Phenomenal Flow with our incredible instructors will challenge you physically and mentally during these active yoga classes. We believe our zen-like studio will help you get your zen on, but we’re about a good time, too. So happy, energetic tunes and teachers with positive messages are a guaranteed part of your experience with us. We added Yoga Sculpt to our already-killer yoga line-up, so if you want yoga with a BOOST, hop into one of this strength-yoga hybrid. Every level is welcome, however, we think a basic workshop will save you some yoga anxiety if you’re totally wet behind the ears! Oh, and if you’re allergic to heat this might not be the class for you. We keep the room at about 93.2 degrees.