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  • Yelp – National Nutrition Month
    Yelp National Nutrition

    Madison Improvement Club – stop in to the Madison Improvement Club for yoga or Indoor Cycle — “Party on a Bike” as they like to call it! You can buy a day pass for just $16, multiple day pass or a monthly pass. After you work up a sweat, stop into the S.E.E.D. Café for a smoothie, salad, sandwich or other goodies from their menu. Yelper favorites include the Zinger juice and the Santa Maria sandwich. If you can’t make it in to workout, order online and have them deliver a healthy snack right to your
    Mar 20, 2018
  • The Madison Improvement Club
    The Madison Improvement Club

    Bait & Switch Spin and Yoga Classes

    Let’s face it. Pool season is practically here and that probably means it’s time to get back into shape. The Madison Improvement Club wants to help you do that. You can start your upcoming weeks off right by attending the Bait & Switch spin and yoga classes every Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. The choice is yours. You can select the class you want to start with, whether it is Gina Marciano’s Phenomenal Flow or Kim Olson’s Party on a Bike. Half way through the class, you decide if you want to stay or switch to the other. Spaces are limited, so to guarantee a spot, sign up here.

    Want to Learn to Cook? Now’s Your Chance

    Let’s face the facts: some people just don’t know how to cook. That’s okay. At some point or another, learning to feed yourself, family, and friends will become relevant. If you want to learner
    Mar 20, 2018
  • Fearless Leader at Madison Improvement Club
    Fearless Leader

    Meet Andrew, he is finding everyone a reason to get on a bike, a fan of Justin Bieber and Justin Timerlake, and has a sweet tooth. Read how he finished these 20 sentences.

    Name: Andrew Varela
    Age: 28
    Title: Fearless leader
    Married/Single: Here to mingle
    Kids: None
    Live: Arcadia

    I was born…
    on my birthday
    My favorite thing about Arizona…
    is Arcadia. The area is full of people biking, supportive neighborhood businesses, and it’s a great place to acquire and share knowledge from the most innovative, young professionals.
    I’m listening to…
    the sounds of laughter and Justin Timberlake on the sound system at The Madison Improvement Club. This is how we do!
    My family…
    are my mentors in EVERY single way.
    If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be…
    Rob Dydrek or Richard Branson. They have inspired me with ideals such as, “make your own luck”- RD and “doing
    Mar 20, 2018
  • Discovering Phoenix: The Madison Improvement Club
    Discovering Phoenix: The Madison Improvement Club

    Madison Improvement Club is a new Yoga Spin studio in Arcadia. The Madison Improvement Club was originally a Women’s club in the early 1900s. When the new MIC was doing construction for the studio they found a time capsule with memorabilia from the original club. You can still see that time capsule in the studio. Not only does MIC offer intense yoga sessions and powerful spin work outs but they also have a cafe called S.E.E.D. that serves delicious juices, smoothies, burritos, salads, sandwiches and so much more.

    The Madison Improvement Club 3802 E Indian School Rd Phoenix, AZ 85018
    Mar 20, 2018
  • Work it Out: The Madison Improvement Club
    Work it Out

    Every morning I wake up everyday with the ambition to work out, and usually make it to the gym around four to five times a week. Since the weather has been in the triple digits in Phoenix, I hate only having the option to workout indoors and it seems like lately I’ve been a little bored with my routine–so with the help of my friends and nearby places, I’m finding ways to mix up my routine and thought I’d share my fun ideas and experiences with you in case you ever find yourself in a gym rut like me.

    I can’t even explain how much of a fangirl I am! I’ve driven by their location hundreds of times without knowing what it was. While at breakfast a couple weeks ago, my friend Kelly suggested we take a spin class there (ps.first timers are free!) and told us that we had to check it out to fully understand how amazing it is. So, sure enough my
    Mar 20, 2018