• Phenomenal Flow Class at Madison Improvement Club

    Phenomenal Flow Class

    The Madison Improvement Club’s modern spin on yoga classes are just what we need here in the Valley.

    Open since mid 2012, Madison Improvement Club (MIC) offers yoga and spinning classes, and also a healthy café members can hit up before or after their workout for a smoothie, a wrap, or even some breakfast, if you like to get your yoga or spinning out of the way first thing in the a.m.

    A yoga class at MIC is a bit different than classes in a studio-type environment. Even though MIC isn’t a “hot yoga” studio, the yoga room is heated – not super hot – but definitely comfortable enough that you’re not immediately suffocated by Phoenix-in-July hot air when you walk into the room.

    MIC offers two types of yoga classes: the All Levels Flow (which is recommended for any level of yogi) and the Phenomenal Flow (a bit more of a challenge but still good for most levels). The room is heated to 85 degrees for the All Levels class, and 93 degrees for the Phenomenal Flow class. I took the Monday, 7 pm Phenomenal Flow with Will. Overall, Will’s class was challenging but fun, and his playlist, as well as his teaching style, really helped set the tone and keep the energy up.

    Will asked us to begin class in child’s pose, and then we warmed up with some seated poses. Moving on to sun salutations, I began to notice the heat, but in a good way. My body was warming up from moving more, my heart rate was rising and I was gaining energy.

    Toward the middle of class Will guided us into some challenging balancing poses. Standing splits, balancing half moon into dancer pose basically put me right at my edge, so when we moved into pigeon pose after that sequence it was a welcome relief!
    After almost an hour of bending and twisting, my body was more than ready for savasana! With my back pressed down on the cool rubber and my feet falling out to either side, I began to settle down from the intense and stimulating asana practice.

    What’s great about the Phenomenal Flow at MIC is that the class really gets right to the point. It’s yoga without a lot of fluff. The class packed a good number of poses into the 65 minutes, but it didn’t feel rushed or forced. While headed to my car after class, fresh smoothie in hand from the MIC’s SEED café, I knew I had found a great new yoga spot!
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