Tempe Teachers

Alexis Mansperger
Alexis Mansperger

As fierce as she is fearless, Alexis brings the heat in the saddle. From a smiling friendly face at the front desk to a more-than-motivating #partyonabike instructor, Alexis brings her experience as a world champ cheerleader into her class full of action-packed jogs, sprints, and hills. As a lover of everything outdoors, you can catch her hiking with friends, or hanging with her bulldog Lilly or catching a flight to the next exotic destination.
andrew varela
Andrew Varela

Whether he’s partying on a bike, at the bar, on the couch or eating burritos, Andrew is no stranger to a good time (and as the Co-Creator of #PartyOnABike, you know it’s in his DNA). Andrew’s favorite part about class is letting people feel things through the music and coaching based on that. “No matter what you’re going through, whether it be bad, sad or happy, we work through it together,” he says. When you sign up for Andrew’s class you sign up for good beats, better vibes and a killer calorie burn.
Bella de Roos
Bella de Roos

As The Madison’s youngest instructor ever (she started at 17!), Bella was practically raised in the spin room. Her spunky energy will get you jogging, isolating, and sprinting your heart out on the bike. She emphasizes the importance of being present with yourself in everything you do. Get ready to have some fun, dance it out, embrace positivity, and center both your mind and your body.
Cassie Lowe
Cassie Stalter

A little party never killed nobody, right? Cassie lives and breathes this motto all day, every day. On the bike, she’s a rock star (and a spontaneous rapper). Off the bike, you can find this beauty taking road trips and exploring with her family and friends. Get out of your mind and into your body. “Wooing” NOT optional.
Chris Trefry
Chris Trefry

Once you clip in with Chris, it's time to headbang your heart out. There's no telling where the next 45 minutes will take you, but rest assured you will leave with a smile on your face and adrenaline rushing through your body. From the heart-pumping bass to each stroke of the pedal, one class and you'll be tempted for more! Outside of class, Chris loves to ride his real bike, pretend he is a photographer and dip just about any food he finds in ranch.

Corey Williams

Vibes, emotions, and a$$ shaking... Who else better to take you down that road? At the end of every class, Corey will have you feeling like you can conquer the world. With his Philly personality, music ranging from Hip-Hop to R&B to EDM, and vibes from everybody in the class, you will leave wanting more. The challenges in class are fun, hard, and fulfilling. It’s time to get to work, bring the energy, and leave it all on the bike!
Demar Jackson
Demar Jackson

It’s no coincidence that his name is “DJ”. As an avid music enthusiast specializing in hip hop, trap, and house music, DJ will have you out of the saddle and feelin’ yourself like Kanye loves Kanye. From the moment you walk through the studio doors, DJ’s positivity, high energy, and captivating aura will keep you upbeat and motivated even through the toughest jumps and climbs. Don’t hold yourself back from being great today. Grab a bike and be prepared for a one of a kind cycling experience with the only DJ who could give Calvin Harris a run for his money.
Katie Vernon

Katie is all about the spicy vibes, the beats, and the motivation that will keep your mind in a positive space the second you walk through the doors. If you are looking to level up in your fitness journey and you’re down for some hip hop and r&b that’s good for your soul, Katie V is your girl.

Kenzi Dachel

Walking into Kenzi’s class is like walking into a 45 minute music festival. From house music to hip hop to headbangers, she’ll have you sweating just as much as you are dancing. She’s spicy, soulful and determined to guide you to challenge yourself while having fun in the process. Kenz loves to party off the bike just as much as she does on (so basically she’ll never turn down a post class marg). But you know how it goes... work hard, party harder.

Kristin Cangemi

Kristin’s class is a safe space where you get to vibe out with the people around you and just let loose. A place to go, where you can be seen, heard and accepted. A place of growth both physically and mentally. A place where we push each other to our fullest potential just by being there and being present. The energy is ALWAYS fun, challenging, and rewarding.
Mikayla Braxton
Mikayla Braxton

We all need a little detox to retox, right? Mikayla’s mantra is all about balance. She can party on the bike just as well as she does off the bike. Don’t let her love for Drake, pizza, and weightlifting fool you, Mikayla means badass biz on the bike. Her class will leave you with enough courage and motivation to get sh*t done while maintaining a high you can only get from #partyonabike. As a lover of all-things resistance, you can expect steep climbs followed by smooth downhills. You’ll leave her class feeling on top of the world with her encouraging words, KNOWING you just got a killer workout!

Missy Fox

Are you ready for high energy beats and a judge-free zone? Then come party with Missy! Don't be afraid to scream, shout and let it all out when you walk through the door. This California-native will have you feelin' ready to take on the world with her empowerment and bass-bumpin' tracks. Get ready to get on a bike, get in the zone and get out of your mind!
Sam Joyce

Party? Please. Sam IS the party. Get ready to bring the energy to an untouchable level from the moment you clip in until the very last sprint. BEWARE: He loves his sprints as much as he loves his mother. Do you know what else? He’s a Gemini, so you know his classes are going to be lit. So, who wants to spin and get food afterwards?

Tyler Hardy

Tyler didn’t find yoga, yoga found Tyler ;) His passion for yoga started two years ago right here in Arizona where he was born and raised. Completing the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training through Modern Yoga inspired him to share the peace and balance he has found with everyone who takes his class. Tyler radiates a calm energy that draws people in, but he also brings some SPICE with his sass and fun playlists to flow to! This yogi creates a safe space in the studio for everyone to come live in the present moment and love themselves a little more. So, come roll out a mat, breathe it all in, and love it all out.